Conquer the fear of board exams

-Gagandeep Kaur

With board exams just around the corner, the stress of classes X and XII students is at its highest. The current scenario of the closure of schools owing to the pandemic has aggravated the issue even further. The students, who should be focusing only on exams, are in a dilemma about how to deal with the current situation of no physical interaction with teachers and no practical classes. They are, therefore, less confident about their preparation of exams. There are students who have started with preparation as they want to put in their best efforts so as to scale heights but at the same time, there are some others who do not know how to plan their studies and therefore, have not started yet. Here are a few tips to help you figure out how to begin:

  1. CBSE has revised the syllabus for the year 2020-21 due to absence of normalcy (absence of classroom teaching) in the current year. So every student must make sure that he keeps himself updated about the latest curriculum along with the marking scheme.
  2. Though additional help may be obtained from resource books, every student should keep track of NCERT books to be able to score good marks.
  3. Diagnosis precedes prognosis and therefore, knowledge and acceptance of a problem is important to devise a solution for it. So, to identify one’s weak areas and to work on them, all the past online tests must be referred to. Past mistakes can only be beaten in future after working hard and making weaknesses turn into strengths. The key to be successful is to be your own doctor and defeat your disease.
  4. Successful is the person who knows how to manage his time and plans his time table according to the importance of topics. The difficulty level of subjects and topics must also be taken into account while constructing the most suitable custom made time table.
  5. One must keep on challenging oneself by increasing the difficulty level of practise questions and decreasing the time allotted to solve them.
  6. Students must solve previous years’ board exam papers to acclimatise themselves to the pattern of question paper and also to figure out the repeat sequence of questions in exams. 
  7. Students must remember that approach matters. The more positive one is towards the idea of learning, the more effective the learning process would be. The right frame of mind makes one feel less anxious and more open to new ideas.