Talking your way through Silence…

-Isha Jain “People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.” -Johnny Depp. The whole conversation becomes incommunicado. Yes! Incommunicado! WHY? The Internet Generation is so busy posting and commenting, tweeting and re-posting. They often overlook the one sitting right in front of them. Why? Why we are so involved […]

Conquer the fear of board exams

-Gagandeep Kaur With board exams just around the corner, the stress of classes X and XII students is at its highest. The current scenario of the closure of schools owing to the pandemic has aggravated the issue even further. The students, who should be focusing only on exams, are in a dilemma about how to […]

परिश्रम ही सफलता की कुंजी है

 (अनु अग्रवाल ) जो अपना जीवन श्रम को अर्पित करता है, हर उन्नति मुट्ठी में आकर कस जाती है जो श्रम की राहों का राही बन जाता है, हर सिद्धि उसी के पाँवों में बंध जाती है परिश्रम उस चुम्बक के समान है जिसके आकर्षण में सब प्रकार की सुख-समृधि स्वयमेव खिंची चली जाती है […]