One language sets you in the corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

                                                                                                                                                                            – Frank Smith

The art of Communication is the language of leadership. It is an act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules though we cannot deny that it is a gift that only few are blessed with but it is not the same so when it comes to speak in English in the
country we live in as ours is a country where speaking in English is intertwined as a prestige issue. Here on one hand speaking in English is a symbol of belonging to the elite group that one always wishes for and on the another we cannot deny the fact that we live in a country where speaking in English is still a quibble for a wide sect of population and that is a major reason of innumerable developing coaching centres charging a fat amount as fee from the students dying hard to learn English. They just yell at them to watch English movies and speak in English as if they are Britishers whether they comprehend what they speak or not.

But we need to ponder over the same before we suggest the same to someone. Is it really so difficult? If so what is the need of doing so? If we go trough we find that there are valid reasons which are responsible for making this subject a matter of big concern. Firstly, relating it with the prestige issue is a major gash on one who is willing to learn it, secondly emphasizing too much on its need and making it a do or die situation by pretending in front of our children as if they would not be able to survive if they do not learn this supreme and divine language, are the main reasons for the same.

When one begins to enter in the lurch as a new comer he should be made understand that there is nothing that he does not know, secondly he does not require to follow the accent of someone else by watching English movies or documentaries if he does not enjoy the same
because hesitation becomes the biggest obstacle when someone tries to learn a new language and pronunciation is something that may be corrected when one is confident enough. The need is to introduce learners with the bi-lingual method and teaching them how they can translate thoughts that are their own into English. For example the red
fruit that he eats in the morning must be addressed as apple instead of using any native word for it, if he wishes to enter into the class he must try to ask May I come in? Surely one cannot deny that once or twice it may be I may come in? or may come in I? But that surely does not matter as at the initial level the point is not to speak in correct English but it is just to speak in English. What stops one from learning is not lack of knowledge but the lack of confidence that he has in himself. Gradually one may decide to give his 15 minutes daily to the language he is trying to get in to it but surely he must not be compelled for the same as he may opt for remaining silent at that decided time slot but it may be for how many days? surely after two, three days or a week he will have urge to speak something in those 15 minutes and what he speaks now whether correct or incorrect will be the exhalation of his own yearning not of persuasion of someone else that make things often troublesome for all.

Keep on motivating yourself. At the beginner level emphasize on speaking rather than speaking correctly. When you come out of your fear of English you may start focusing on the errors mentioned by others or found by you yourself and may start on the journey of improvement.