The ultimate aim of the education system is to shift the individual the burden of pursuing his own education. This will not be widely shared pursuit until we get over our odd conviction that education is what goes on in education building nowhere else 

                                                                                                                    – John W. Gardner


Examination is a word that usually has a catastrophic effect on children and sometimes on parents too. In India exams usually mean burning midnight oil and filling answer sheets followed by a long wait for one’s marks that may JUDGE and RATE one but unfortunately knowledge, individual enrichment are the parameters that remain unassessed as we as parents and teachers overburden the students and children with the necessity of cramming and galloping all that he can and it results into the appalling phobia of examination that some time develops as a too colossal giant to be handled. Every year we hear about the same and at a cursory glance we may curse the education system too but we need to
comprehend that the responsibility lies on all of us to save the children from this cataclysmic phobia of examination. We need to sensitize them to make them understand that only marks cannot judge them and they are not conducted to evaluate what they have read overnight as instead of this they indicate what a child has gone through throughout the year and how much knowledge he has acquired during a session. Moreover, they enable us to bear the pressure that is an inevitable part of life and the preparation of exams somehow teaches us the importance of time and works for us as a tool to evaluate ourselves up to a certain limit as exams and grades are temporary but knowledge is ermanent and that is the ultimate aim of any education system.